The Power of A Rapid Rescue


September 20, 2018


This video of the Marines and Good Samaritans running toward an apartment building engulfed in flames has me in my feelings. They were successful in helping rescue seniors living in the complex.

But still…

I can’t watch without tearing up, repeatedly. (Read article for more information.)

So many lives saved. So many lessons gleaned.

That’s the power of a rapid rescue.

It saves lives AND teaches by example.

Here’s what I learned today about the power of a rapid rescue.



On a natural level, it’s simply beautiful.

Barracks are nearby so the Marines are close enough to respond. And they have needed essential skills and training to help  facilitate rescue. But they could have deemed scheduled things more important, or just decided not to act.

They didn’t.

They responded — as did the Good Samaritans. And by doing so lives were changed, saved.



On a spiritual level, it’s simply beautiful.

For me, I see a picture of how God and His angels react to the incendiary circumstances we face.

They don’t ignore it, run from it, or let us suffer alone. Instead they spring into action to help.

From personal experience, I know that’s hard to believe. And I haven’t mastered the “help is on the way” quiet confidence some have.

Often I doubt.

Often I whine.

Often I worry.

Often I feel forgotten.

Here’s the thing: the seniors knew their building was aflame and they were in the midst of a serious situation. They knew they had staff on hand to help. Some may have figured that 9-1-1 was called and help would arrive.

However, NONE knew that Marines and Good Samaritans were on the way.

But they were!

Their collective action is a needed reminder for me to trust, even when I don’t know how I will survive a situation and doubt if anyone cares or will respond.



The Marines’ response is a reminder of the power of words and speech. The heroes’ — and that’s what they are —  rapid race to assist reminds me that we have a RIGHT to heal (be rescued) AND we can WRITE to Heal!

We have a RIGHT to heal.

We don’t have to stay trapped in the burning circumstances of pas trauma. Rather we can accept God’s agents of rescue and receive life-giving help to move forward.


We can WRITE — or speak — to heal.

Indeed, the words we pen or the speak are rescue agents. They spring into rescue mode, providing what’s urgently needed — information, inspiration, healing, comfort, peace, more!


Hours after first seeing the video of the Marines’ rapid advance, I’m still moved. I’m grateful they were nearby. More so, I’m grateful they responded, providing timely rescue.

And I’m tremendously grateful for the visual reminder to keep trusting God in my fiery situations, and for words and speech that are agents of rescue.


Lisa A. Crayton is an award-winning freelance writer, multi-published author, conference speaker…and more. She loves helping writers, and challenging them to achieve their goals and dreams! Meet her at the Marketing for Writers Conference. Connect with her on Facebook.


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