Writer for Hire!

Need a writer to handle a routine, emergency or special writing project? I’m available!

THE NEED: Most publishers and content managers (including book packagers) can benefit from the use of freelance writers as an enhancement to the crop of full-time staffers they employ. This is especially true when the need arises for a writer to cover assignments in geographical areas outside of a publisher’s home base. It is also true for projects, including books, that swamped staffers cannot fit into their busy schedules.

THE PROVISION: As a professional writer, I can help you meet these needs.  My specialty/niche topics include Christianity (church life, administration, church/leader profiles, etc.), money matters (personal, family, church), youth, parenting, and African American culture.  I am available for routine — and select rush — assignments.  And, I may be available to provide coverage for your corporate, industry, denominational or out-of-state conferences (especially those held in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area).

THE PAY-OFF: Your benefits include: (1) drastically reduced expenses (my fees are based on your already established fee structures); (2) quick and easy access to exciting feature, filler, news and how-to articles, and other copy; 3) materials that are well-written and polished; and, (4) ongoing access to one of the Northeast’s most creative, professional communicators.

Hire me!

Editors, Project Managers and Book Packagers:  Yes, I’m available for book and/or article assignments. Please e-mail me to discuss your needs.