I Write for Kids!

Elizabeth Blackwell

I love working with children – especially teens. So, it’s no wonder I also pen material to inform, inspire, and motivate young people.

In an awesome twist of fate, I am writing books similar to the one that sparked my love of writing. That book was Joseph Pulitzer: Front Page Pioneer by Iris Noble. The biography was assigned reading for my eighth grade journalism class. Several years ago, feeling nostalgic, I purchased a used copy. Reading it, I could not discern exactly why the biography had such an impactful influence on me as a young girl from Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York.

Fact is: It did!

Joseph Pulitzer: Front Page Pioneer inspired my extracurricular activities that year, as well as in high school where I worked as a writer and editor for my school’s newspaper and yearbook. It inspired my college choice (Utica College), degree selection (dual degree in journalism and public relations) and career field (initially, corporate communications). All that from a nonfiction classroom assignment! (Educators, please keep assigning informational texts; they matter!)

Bottom line? Joseph Pulitzer: Front Page Pioneer reminds me of the power of words, of the influence children’s book writers have on our young readers, and of the positive impact we can make on their lives.

Back to my writing…

What’s new? I have five nonfiction children’s books releasing in 2018. Just writing that thrills me!

This year, Reading and Interpreting the Works of Alice Walker released in January as a new addition to Enslow Publishing’s Lit Crit Guides.  Yes, I’m available for additional work!

Previously: My books Collective Biographies of Slave Resistance Heroes, and Elizabeth Blackwell: Doctor and Advocate for Women in Medicine debuted in summer 2016.

Collective Biographies

In January 2016, Reading and Interpreting the Works of Toni Morrison released.

Interpreting 2016

 I am also the author of A Student’s Guide to Toni Morrison (2005), and the co-author of six (6) children’s book on various economic/financial literacy topics (2016).


My Vision?

People often ask writers why we write. Quickly, one reason I write is to inform. I introduce children to important people who shaped America and other nations. I also inform them of events that had a similar impact. My longer answer regarding why I write for young people is captured in my  “Vision for Children’s Books,” a goals-focused statement I penned last year to better pinpoint desired projects. I hope all readers – young and old – benefit from my vision as they read my books. It includes the following goals:

  • Inspire Kids’ Imaginations
  • Provide Motivational Text that Prove They Matter & Can Make A Difference
  • Open Kids’ Minds to New Career Paths
  • Propel Children to Believe in Themselves
  • Inspire Social Activism.

That “Vision for Children’s Books”  motivates me as I research and write – or when writer’s blocks and other distractions attempt to undermine my courage, inspiration, or creative ability. (Many established writers fight similar feelings as they pen their works. The only way to beat them is to…keep writing!)

Finally, as an author serious about my craft, I am a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and other organizations. I welcome opportunities to work with book publishers, packagers, magazines, and other markets. Please e-mail me to discuss your how I may meet your need for inspiring, informative material for children!